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Car and Truck Parts in Chrome

Coat of Chrome can also provide a custom chrome coating to most of your car parts. These can be metal, plastic, pot metal and even aluminum. We can make these parts in silver chrome or any color that you want. We can also do multi-color on the same piece. If you can imagine it we can color chrome it. If you have any piece that you need chromed just click on  and we can give you an idea of what we can do and a quote.

This is the before look of a textured plastic air breather.
This is the finishing touch to your engine project. Turn the ugly plastic to Chrome. Contact us, we can chrome almost any part you have.
Color does not mean just one color as this blower shows. It is patriotic red, chrome and blue.
These are the bumper parts from a vintage 300SL Mercedes-Benz. Originally hand made fiberglass that went through some extensive prep.
These are antennas from Tennatoys that have had the Coat of Chrome touch added to them.
Here is a close up of the multi-color flames
Here is a close up of the Horse's Head in gold
These Are some of the latest antennas from Tennatoys
This is a picture of headlamp trim rings being molded in resin directly on this rare classic Chrysler Ghia.
Here is the finished product on the front and side of this classic beauty as displayed at Pebble Beach 2005.
These are the hand fabricated trim rings and sections of bodyside moldings after we chromed directly on the resin material.
And here for the person with everything Gold Chrome Brake Drums
Here are some of the emblems
One of our customers is tricking out a Suzuki and these are some of the parts in Gold chrome
Here are some Shocks and brake calipers
Here are some of the exhaust and grill parts
These are the same T-Bird tail lights with the Coat of Chrome Magic
These are the original tail lights from an '05 Thunderbird
Chrome coating was applied directly to these new reproduction fiberglass corvette side pipe covers.
A standard HEI distributer cap doesn't have to be black, it can be chromed in a green finish for example.
These are old pitted mirrors that we completely restored. The original glass mirror does not have to be removed and replaced.
The colors are mirror finish too. Look at the reflection on this cast aluminum ram air induction.
Custom automotive accessory manufacturer needed urethane foam airducts chromed. They really dress up the side of a car.
This 63 Vette glovebox was originally cracked at some parts of the edge were broken off. Restoration is our specialty.