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Chrome Guitars
Chrome Guitars

Chrome Guitars

Coat of Chrome has experience with both electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Below are pictures of an Ibanez (Joe Satriani model) made over in chrome, a couple Fenders that belong to customers that we chromed and a Martin & Co. acoustic guitar. Coat of chrome can chrome plate your new guitar, existing guitar and even apply a colored chrome coating on your guitar. If you need information about getting your guitar chromed, please go to the page and send us an email.

This is a Prototype we did for a show and we are sure all of you guitar nuts know what it is. If all works out you too may be able to buy one soon.
This is the back of two brand new Fender guitars that we have chromed for a customer.
This is the front of two brand new Fender Guitars that we have chromed for a customer.
This is the back of an Ibanez after chroming, giving the guitar the appearance of a mirror.
This is the front of an Ibanez after chroming and the detail you see are from the reflection of all of the outdoor surroundings.
This is the chromed headstock of an Ibanez after application of a new decal between clear coats.
The special basecoat is applied to the entire Ibanez making the surface receptive to the addition of real silver metal.
The headstock of an Ibanez in process with the special basecoat applied prior to the metalizing step.
Portions of the back of the Ibanez are masked off to prevent the application of the chrome coating in those areas.
The front of the Ibanez is masked off in all areas that we do not want to apply the chrome coating.
This is the Front of the Martin guitar in chrome. It's an amazing site and the pictures just don't do it justice.
This is the back of the Martin acoustic guitar in chrome and we are told it plays as good as the standard model.
This is the backside of the whole mohagany neck assembly of the Martin guitar in chrome. This too is an amazing site in person that pictures do not do justice to.
This is the headstock of the Martin guitar in chrome. The finger board was masked to preserve the original ebony finish.
This is a Martin acoustic guitar in its original wood finish.