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Coat of Chrome can work on any item in any color you can think of. These pictures are items that we worked on for people in the advertising and film industries as well as those with special hobbies and also items that were used for art projects or art galleries. Click on these pictures to see a larger detailed photo. We are proud of our detail so these are higher resolution pictures that may take time for your computer to open.                                                                                                                  


If you want to see full size pictures just and we can email you some. You can also see some of these items at Victoria's Secret. com and

This is what all of the parts looked like before the radio-controlled truck was re-assembled.
The finished "egg" in chrome and that is a motor hoist that is holding up the "egg" since it weighs over 250 pounds.
This is a rare shot of Don at work actually appling the metalizing agent to the giant "egg"
This is a 5 foot high fiberglass "egg" that is being done for a design studio in NYC
This is the "egg" with the special base coat applied
These are real lobsters as we got them from the taxidermist.
This is the real lobster that was stuffed and then coated in chrome. Before you doubt something can be chromed, ask me first.
This is a New England Art Gallary that is displaying the Lobsters that we chromed.
This is the top of the mask. The completed mask worn by Ben Roethlisberger in NIKE TV ads during the 05/06 NFL season.
This customer first requested only the suspension pieces chromed in blue. Once he saw the results, he had to have it all chromed and tinted.
Detail is what we do. This is the power and drive train assembly of the model radio-controlled truck.
We can chrome the tires if you like.
All parts individually chromed and some tinted with red or blue.
Mask worn by Ben Roethlisberger (The Ice-Man) in Nike Pro commercial.
This is a full size replica of a M-16 in epoxy resin. This was done as part of an Art exhibit and was custom colored to the artist's specifications.
This is the Radio Controller for the truck in Red Chrome. This is plastic but we can do any material any color.
Life size one of a kind mask chromed for a major NY based costume designer.
Filler applied to pinholes and imperfections in acrylic.
Obtaining mirror finish inside the nostrils an eye cutouts was critical to customer.
This is the n gauge locomotive done for the holidays
This is the n gauge locomotive done for the holidays in a different paint style
These model trains were manufactured as "unfinished" parts for the modeler to finish.
Note the retention of detail in the original modeled plastic. Rivits and vent grilles clearly visible. As the saying goes "...whether the job is big or small, do it right or not at all..."
Here is Hana Soukupova strutting down the runway in the most unusual of undergarments at the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Those points would make most people stop or at least think about it.
This bra, straps and all was featured in the Victoria's Sectret 2006 Fashion Show. It looks much better on supermodel Jessica Stam then it does on the basketball under the pink paper.
This one was too big for the basket ball so this 5 gallon container had to do. I prefer the models myself.
This is the chrome corset worn by supermodel, Natasha Poly to the left, for the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It looks much better on her then it did in the shop.
For anyone who Does not think that Don is the MAN Here are some real feathers from Victoria's Secret that Don put the magic to. Like we say we can chrome ANYTHING!!!
If you think you couldn't possibly gold coat yarn, well think again. Coat of Chrome has probably done it.
A note in the box said, "Make all these parts shiny gold." After meeting Katja Shchkina, had they turned out a rusty orange, the outfit would have still looked like a million dollars.
The photo says it all.
This corset is hard to forget and was chromed for the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It started out as a bunch of nuts, bolts and spikes soldered to brass strips.
This corset started out as a bucket of nuts, bolts, spikes and chains soldered to brass strips. Following extensive prep and chrome coating it became a stunning feature in the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Here is another pair of Victoria's Secret panties that Don put the magic to. These are not the one to the left (trust me I looked very closely to be sure)
These once actual Victoria's Secret whitepanties were an early prototype design leading up to the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Chrome panties are one thing but gold coated panties are something even better.