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Everything Else in Chrome

Everything Else in Chrome

Coat of Chrome is proud to present our Chrome-i-topia page that has all of the items we do that really don't fit in to any other category. If you are tired of people telling you what can't be done and stopping you from making your dreams and imagination a reality, then you're in the right place. We are always taking that additional step where few or none have gone and most fear to tread. If any of this interests you, please  .

These resin casted angels for the Ark of the Covenant replica are pictured prior to metalizing.
This is the angle for the Ark of the Covenant replica in Gold Chrome.
This is the finished face of the angle on the Ark of the Covenant replica in Gold Chrome.
This client wanted to be sure all the detail on the face of these angels would become mirror gold finished.
This is both of the finished angles for the Ark of the Covenant in Gold Chrome. The full scale chest they will be attached to is currently undergoing gold coating as well.
These are real baby sneakers, originally white synthetic leather, now in gold chrome.
This copper finish was applied over a custom made brass lamp. Custom clear topcoat eliminates the need to polish.
These domes are parts to a solid brass billard table lamp finished to match polished copper, except this copper finish will never tarnish.
This solid brass duck ornament was coated to match the copper finished lamp.
With some meticulus prep work the resin casting can have a mirror finish as well.
This is a casted resin scale model of a chair from the Fox Theater in Atlanta in Gold Chrome.
One would never know this Fox Theater chair scale model was not casted in solid chrome.
This plastic pinball machine flipper shown in Gold Chrome.
This orange mirror is actually the top of the computer case.
This is a prototype of a high end gaming computer case in an orange and standard chrome finish.
This is a detail pic of the two-tone logo of the computer case.
These are the parts of the computer case before they were re-assembled.
This is the completed fish in a multi-chrome color scheme.
This is the acrylic fish that we got and it's about 4 feet long and had no real finish on it
This is a go-go dancers outfit that was made of metal and then chrome coated on the outside and cloth lined on the inside.
This started out as a regulation golf ball until we chromed it for a client's promotional concept.
This is an old Fire station bell in gold chrome.
This is a rapid prototyped resin part for the cosmetic industry coated in standard chrome.
This dowels are used to open the shell to process the inside surface. The final finish remained in tact even after the sides were closed back in.
This is a pinball flipper in the standard chrome finish.
This is what the pin ball flippers look like when we get them from our client.
These are some of the gold pinball flippers that are ganged together after the gold chrome was applied.
This is a close-up of the base of the lamp showing the accurate detail of the parts.
This is what is coming next from the same person. Maybe this is going to be a floor lamp?
These individual vertebrae bones were coated in this pink mirror finish to create this stunning desk lamp and conversation piece for a Doctor.
We were all wondering what was next well it is Gold