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Coat of Chrome can coat any type of material (metal, wood, glass, plastic, stone, fiberglass, ceramic, even fabric, etc.) with a mirror-finish, silver-metal coating that exactly duplicates chrome plating or colored chrome finishes. The corset shown here on Natasha Poly is made of mixed fabrics and we coated it with a custom chrome finish for use in the Victoria's Secret 2006 Fashion Show that was filmed in LA and shown on CBS on December 5, 2006.  To see more photos of outfits we did, go to (or click here to go directly to the page) or go to the  link above to see the before and after pictures of this and other items in the show.

We can color the chrome finish in many different standard and custom blended colors and even duplicate polished gold, copper, bronze and brass finishes. Multi-colored chrome fades are available as well.

This finish is not a spray paint or vacuum metalizing. This finish is the combination of special catalyzed base coatings; a silver metal deposition (similar to the material used in mirrors) and a protective acrylic urethane top coat (similar to the industrial clear coat on your car). The combined layers result in a durable non peeling coating that will not flake or yellow. Yes, the finished surface will accept conventional paints to enable striping, accenting with graphics or airbrushing. 

This coating process is professionally hand applied by our master technician in a very clean environment. Since this process results in a mirror-like finish, all  imperfections that are silvered or "chromed" will be visible in the finished piece. Imperfections in the substrate can be eliminated with various preparation techniques including filling, sanding and sealing as necessary.  Surfaces that have a natural texture, such as wood grain, course castings, or very lightly raised or depressed detailing can remain visible if desired. Coat of Chrome performs all stages of the prep and finishing process to ensure the highest quality finishes for our clients who include designers, fabricators, artists, companies in the display, prototyping, auto, motorcycle and music industries, etc.

Please go to our photo collections to see more examples of just a few of the many completed projects. Also, when you look at the pictures remember this is a mirror finish and images that may appear as imperfections are actually reflections of the surrounding. Please  with your needs and Coat of Chrome will give you the information and quote you need.